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About Us

Bringing 100% natural bottled water straight to your door

Runneth is a bottled water company that offers 100% natural spring water and alkaline water that is 7+ in pH. Our water is sourced from Keen Water Springs in Chatsworth Georgia. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, most refreshing bottled water possible. Our mission is to make sure you always have access to clean, delicious water, no matter where you are. We believe that everyone deserves great-tasting water, and we are dedicated to making that a reality.

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A Family Effort

Runneth Water Co. was created as a family business for its youth to begin creating generational wealth all while offering a healthy product that could be a benefit to the community at large. The company is 100% minority owned and the natural spring water is locally sourced in the state of Georgia.

Runneth Water Co. is dedicated to two matriarchs of the family, Evangelist Ruth Eileen Duckett and Missionary Nettie Pearl Jones, whom both were impacted by cancer. Hence the name RUNNETH (Ruth & Nettie combined).

Runneth Water Co. is a strong advocate for colorectal awareness and the company colors are a representation of that fact.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is observed in March to highlight the importance of screening for colorectal cancer, as well as to promote healthy lifestyle habits that can decrease a person’s risk of developing cancer of the colon, rectum, or anus – the three distinct cancer types referred to collectively as colorectal cancer.

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